Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some Birds of Kauai.

I have spent the last few days shooting photos of birds here on Kauai.  Its nice to be able to shoot photos of birds I have never seen before.  Keep in mind that most of these birds although pretty are actually introduced species to the Hawaiian Islands, and that over 25% of the native birds on Kauai have become extinct.

I will post more photos to this post as I shoot them. 

Lets start with a couple of birds that are natives.

And one in flight.  

And a brown booby

 The Albatross might be the most awkward bird I have ever seen, they are slow and clumsy. 
 Then I saw one fly.  This bird might be the most graceful bird I have ever seen fly.  From the moment this bird took off it never once flapped its wings.

Im not one to disturb nesting birds, but i walked up on this one accidentally.  I shot one photo and left. 

I am still working on getting a good photo of a great frigate bird, but its not the easiest bird to capture in the lens. 

And a non native species.  The cattle egret.  These are everywhere here.

Female white rumped shama

Male white rumped shama

hwamei, melodious laughingthrush
Red Crested Cardinal.

Ok I have to admit I am having a really hard time finding any native birds in this place.  The introduction of many non native species to the Hawaiian islands has decimated many of the natives.  The hike i did over the last two days consisted of sightings of Hawaiian wildlife such as the feral cat, feral goat, domesticated chicken, rats and mice.  I should admit however, that I am staying in a house in Princeville.  Due to a generous friend lodging was free.  Unfortunately Princeville is pretty much an environmental catastrophe of a housing development that would be best off washed in to the Pacific Ocean.  I was super excited to here that the main resort here went bankrupt which as far as i'm concerned is what goes around comes around.  Oh well, I guess I will concentrate on how pretty the non native birds are. 


  1. second from last is hwamei, melodious laughingthrush

  2. Just saw your comments. Thanks Brooks. I dont really know my birds that well but still enjoy photographing them. Nice photos on you site BTW.