Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Favorite Photos of 2010. My year in review.

Figured since I don't have any new content in the last couple of weeks, I would add some of my favorite photos from the year.

The year started with an amazing trip to Southern California for the Rose Bowl.  After the game, which was worth forgetting, we headed to Ventura and Channel Islands National Park.  Certainly Southern California's little gem.

 Back to the Northwest for some amazing winter trips in the mountains. 

The Olympics in Vancouver.



Golden Eagle work with Fish and Wildlife.
Golden eagle on the back of full size pickup truck. 

Close up of golden eagle

Me and the golden eagle

Two golden eagle chicks in the nest. 

More climbing (or maybe not) in the North Cascades.

Nearing the summit of Mt. Baker after climbing the North Ridge

Summer in the North Cascades.
A sooty grouse on Mt. Baker
 Wedding season.  My good friends Matt and Jess.

Election season, and a chance to photograph the president.  
Barack Obama

And an ex President.
Bill Clinton.

The fall in the North Cascades.  
Mt. Baker at sunrise with a lenticular cloud over the summit. 

My beautiful wife who supports my crazy adventures.

A trip to Galliano Island, BC.  Pretty much rained the whole time, but I did manage to take my wife to a swamp to photograph frogs.  In retrospect that sounds really bad.  Who the hell would put up with that? 
A pacific tree frog.

 Back to the North Cascades for work.  I spent almost an hour bothering this guy.  He cooperated with this photo, which I love. 
Hoary Marmot

Fall is football season.  Autzen Stadium night game. 

The a trip to Kauai.


An early ski trip to Crystal Mountain.  If my dog can learn to fly, then dammit, i'm going to learn to ski in 2011.  

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