Monday, December 6, 2010

The rest of the photos from Hawaii.

Here are the rest of the photos worth looking at from the Hawaii trip.  You will probably notice there are not a lot of palm tree/ beach photos.  This is because I don't really enjoy being burned to a crisp on a beach.  I cant sit on a beach and read a book and find that even slightly enjoyable.  I also don't find the typical beach a particularly stimulating place to shoot photos.  Ill start with a couple of my pregnant wife. 

And another of Susan on the beach.

I did the hike out to Kalulau which was very enjoyable and well worth the trip.  It claims to be 11.5 miles one way, but I think its likely a little less than that.  I would guess about 10.  Either way the trail mile markers are defiantly not accurate.  I did the hike out one day and slept next to the beach and hiked out the next day.

The last part of the trail down to the beach.

The coast line here is very rugged.  Apparently that does not stop the goats from enjoying the view. 

An evening view of the stars from Kalalau beach.   

 A very pretty morning after a rainy night. 

 Part of the coastline.

There are plenty of small creeks along the hike.  

 And a few more birds.  The Nene is a native Hawaiian goose.  It is endangered, but has been reintroduced to Kauai and is subsequently doing quite well. 

This is a Hawaiian coot.  Another native species. 

The negative tides create great feeding opportunities for birds.  This night heron was fishing as we were wading about on the beach 40 yards away.  I made for a great set of photos. 

My favorite, maybe from the entire trip. 

One more bird.  The great frigate bird is an incredible bird that can say in the air for a week.  They have the highest sing surface area to body weight ratio of any bird which likely allows them to spend a lot of time catching thermal updrafts so they don't have to flap their wings much.  Another interesting fact is that they cant take off from a flat surface.  If they land in the ocean they can not take off again.  They pluck fish from the sea in flight.  

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  1. Aloha Alasdair. Great shots! Love the coastline landscapes. Nice running into you at Kahalua. Hopefully we can hook up the next time I'm in Seattle or if you make it out this way.