Saturday, January 29, 2011

One Month in the Life of Golden Eagles in the Nest.

 Last year I worked on a project with Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife.  Part of this project involved putting up a wildlife camera on a golden eagles nest.  I have had the photos (all 7000 of them) on my computer ever since and finally decided to look through them and find some of the better ones.  I picked one from each day from when the camera was put up to the day the birds fledged.  It turned out to be almost exactly a month.  All of these photos are property of Wa Department of Fish and Wildlife and are not mine. 



  1. Very nice! what did you find they were eating? it looks like part of a deer in one of the shots.

  2. I spent a bunch of time visiting numerous other nests across the state as well as this one Several of the nests had deer parts in them. The large piece of prey you see in one of these photos is a baby coyote, which was also found in some other nests. Other than that it was lots of marmots. They do not seem to be too picky.