Tuesday, July 5, 2011

West Ridge of Forbidden Peak Climb with American Alpine Institute

I just got back from a climb of Forbidden Peak over the Forth of July weekend.  Conditions are about as good as they could be right now, with the coulour still completely filled with snow, and the ridge mostly bare and dry.  We dropped our campons a couple hundred feet above the top of the coulour and then continued in our boots from there to the summit.  

Two Skiers in  Boston Basin.  

We did not seem to bother the year round inhabitants of our camp.


 We did not get a super early start, and were at the base of the coulour by 8.
Starting up the coulour.

Above the shrund.  

Somewhere on the ridge heading up. 
Seen somewhere on the ridge.  WTF was someone trying to accomplish with the blue cord added to this anchor?  Thanks, I can add this to my collection of crappy anchor photos.  

Heading down.

Another party below us on the ridge.  

James down leading. 

Another Pika back at camp.  

Skiers with Johannesburg Mountain in the background.  

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