Monday, October 1, 2012

Traveling to Antarctica

Yesterday I made the five hour flight here to McMurdo Base on Ross Island.  McMurdo is the main US base in Antarctica.  Due to our roll as search and rescue we were on the first plane to arrive for the summer deployment.  Our plane was an A319 which is modified with extra fuel capacity to be able to fly to Antarctica and back to Christchurch.  There were 54 other people on our flight. 

The inflight entertainment

The views of the continent from 30,000ft.  

 Once over the Ross Sea we descended to 20,000ft which gave us a great view of the glaciers and sea ice.

Landing on the ice runway.

Getting ready to exit the plane.   Outside temperature was about -20.

Ivan the Terrabus.  The vehicle used to get us to the base.  


  1. Whoa... can't wait to follow the journey.... Thank you for sharing. This is someplace I will truly, absolutely, never be able to go to so it feels like such a blessing to at least know someone who will be sharing the story. Enjoy!