Monday, November 26, 2012

Mt. Erebus Volcano, Antarctica

For the last week I have been working on Mt. Erebus here in Antarctica.  Mt. Erebus is the most active  volcano in Antarctica and has a permanent lava lake in the crater.  Its elevation is 12,248ft.  We are based in a hut around a thousand feet below the summit.  Most of us sleep in tents, but we have the hut to cook in and warm up in when we need it.  For out trip we have both good and bad weather.  Our first four days here included winds of 50mph and temperatures dipping to -32 C.  Since then the weather has improved and we have been able to get lots of work done.  

Brining the Thanksgiving turkey.  Unfortunately we only had one bucket available. 

Helo delivering supplies. 

My tent in slightly better weather.  

My tent in not so good weather.  
The main goal of being here is of course scientific research.    The group I am working with has an interest in micro biological life on the volcano.  
Collecting sampels with the science group near some hot ground on the volcano.  
Collecting samples.

Mt. Erebus summit crater.

Fumarole close to our hut.  

Fumerole with a sundog in the background.  

Tim enjoying the good weather.

Another fumarole close to our hut.  
More photos to come in the next few weeks.  We have been collecting samples in the ice caves below the fumaroles in the last few days.  Here is one photo from yesterday.

Getting out of the cave.

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