Monday, September 30, 2013

Winfly in Antarctica = Amazing Sky

As Winfly (winter flyin) comes to an end here in Antarctica and we prepare for Mainbody(the main summer season), I thought I would post a few photos.  The Winfly time here is incredible from a photographer standpoint.  The night is getting shorter every day and it will only be another few weeks before the last sunset of the summer season.  I have been working mostly on the sea ice since I got here putting in a route from McMurdo Station to Cape Evans.

Early on in the season we had a week of incredible nacreous clouds.  These clouds are very rare.  They form in very cold temperatures in the upper reaches of the atmosphere.  Because they are so high they are seen after sunset when the sun reflects off them.  

Vince's Cross

Nacreous clouds see from McMurdo Station

Nacreous clouds and one of the first sunrises of the antarctic summer.

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