Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Second Trip to the Eagles Nest

I just got back from a second trip out to the eagles nest that I set the trail cam up on several weeks ago. The chicks are looking a little more grown up and have quite a few more feathers on them now. Here are a couple of photos I shot while changing out the memory card on the trail cam.

When I got to the nest there was no adult bird there this time. The two chicks were sitting up, but I was not able to get the camera out fast enough to get a photo. I was hanging on a rope set up that consists of two ropes tied together. When weighted these stretch a lot, so I needed to adjust my location on the rope prior to shooting the photos. By this time the birds were "hiding" in the nest by crouching down as flat as possible. As you can see this is very effective.

A little closer look.
And one more that I shot in my back yard of a chickadee that has decided to use the nest box I built years ago.

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