Friday, June 4, 2010

American Alpine Institute Bolivia Trip: Part 1 Treking in the Cordillera Real

Just got back from part 1 of the American Alpine Institute Bolivia trip. This year we had to change the trek due to a landslide making the regular trek impossible. This trek was so good that we may never do the old trek again.

Sheep herder.
One of our hardest working members. We used mules burros and horses to carry most of the load.
After a short climb we were on a vast plateau at 14,500 ft.
An Andean caracara, said to bring good luck.
Susan on the other side of the plateau where we head down to our camp deep in the valley in above her head.
The group heads down.
Lots of stars.
Danny getting to know the burros.
A locals home.
Climbing out the other side of the valley.
Our camp.
There is a hut system being developed here in the Bolivian Andes. This hut was newly build and not open yet.
The group crossing over a high pass at 16,000ft. Huayna Potosi in the background.
Group shot.
Heading down into the next valley and our camp for the night.
The vast dry valleys are amazing here.
The group.
Heading down to a lunch spot.
Mamerto and Juan.

Juan and Susan


Jim and Danny

Nancy and Margen
One of the many areas of the trek that has no trail.
Condoriri with some young locals in the foreground.
Baby llama.
Local kids at our camp.
Sunrise near camp.
The final day of our trek.

Heading back to La Paz.