Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wildlife from the last few days.

More out of luck than any other reason, I have run into lots of wildlife in the last week or so. I am currently in Eastern Washington doing some work with WA Dept of Fish and Wildlife on golden eagle nests. Although I have not yet run into a golden eagle, I have seen a few other pretty interesting things. Here are some photos.

I am not sure what type of bat this is, but my guess right now is a Townsends Long Eared.

We estimated there were around 100 bats in the cave.

California Quail

Hummingbird Nest

Mountain Chickadee

Red Squirrel.

I am still trying to get a photo of a bushy tailed wood rat, but I cant get him out of the engine to get a photo.

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  1. they all (even the bat) make me smile and make me happy...keep up the great work and great posts!