Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Month in Red Rocks.

I just got back to Seattle after spending five weeks in Red Rocks. One might ask what a person does for five weeks in Red Rocks. Well, I spent last night compiling a list....

Multipitch stuff:
Levitation 29
Cloud Tower
Dark Shadows
Running Amuck
Unimpeachable Groping
Cat in the Hat
Wholesome Fullback
Our Father
Slot Machine to Lost Shadows to Edge Dressing
The Gobbler
Sour Mash
Risky Business to Dark Shadows
1/2 of Resolution Arete

Sport and single pitch:
Burros Might Fly 5.10c
Burros Dont Gamble 5.10b
757 2x4
Choad Warrior 5.12a
Fionacci Wall 5.11d
Giuoco Piano 5.11c
Caustic 5.11b
Baseboy Direct 5.11a
Save the Heart to Eat Later 5.12a
Baseboy 5.10d
Glitter Gulch 5.11a
Slave to the Grind 5.11b

In addition I spend a day hiking up Mt. Wilson the easy way.

I am still sorting through photos but I should have a bunch more up soon.

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