Friday, April 17, 2009

Yesterday was an amazing day. I usually don't enjoy spending all day in the car, but I had to get from Boise to Las Vegas. What should be a 8 hour drive turned into a 11 hour drive. I shot many photos along the way and saw an amazing amount of birds along the way. I spoke to several people last week who all claimed that the drive on Highway 93 was boring. I have never found it boring. Although somewhat desolate, it is anything but boring. Even the small towns have some charm (in kind of a you should get the hell out of here before someone murders you sort of way). My goal for yesterday was to get everything I could out of an 8 hour drive on a "boring" road. With a couple of good photos, a lot of interesting birds, and having to have my car tugged out of a muddy ditch by a local rancher, I think I accomplished my goal. Yesterday was a reminder to avoid the interstate system in this country at all costs.

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